The world's first NFT photobooth

FlashMint mints an NFT of your photo on the fly and sends it to your crypto wallet within minutes.

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Bring blockchain technology to your event

Give your event attendees and clients the ability to immortalize their memories on the blockchain!

Easy to use

FlashMint provides a simple, intuitive UI that makes blockchain accessible to everyone.


Our UI and functionality is fully customizable for your unique branding and use-case needs.


FlashMint is available on a stationary kiosk and on a tablet for mobile photography!

Make your event even more fun for attendees!

Photobooths are great for events of all types, to drive engagement, or just for fun.

The integration of a classic photobooth with cutting edge blockchain technology.

Whether you're looking to stand out at a business convention, give customers a memorable experience, or just give event attendees a place to take fun pictures, FlashMint helps you create a memorable experience that you can then digitize and view on-chain.


Ethereum is the most popular and well known smart contract platform for minting NFTs.


Polygon is a layer 2 solution on the Ethereum network that allows smart contract functionality at a fraction of the price.


Cardano is well-known smart contract platform that is quickly gaining popularity and growing in user base.

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